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The New Year has come and gone, and with it the goals and challenges we set for ourselves. Every year for the past four years, I’ve set a reading goal in the Goodreads app. Normally I try to read about fifty books a year, although often I fall short of that number.
But looking back on the past year’s challenges, I realized that most of what I’d read was either bad or completely forgettable. There were a few books that I remembered reading, either because of how good they were or what I got from them. The majority of it though seemed like a waste of my time.

Can Reading Ever Be a Waste of Time?

There are people who might argue that no time spent reading is a waste of time. I think those people either haven’t read enough, or they’ve only read good books. If that’s the case, hats off to them; I’m not that person.
Just like when you realize you’ll never get those two hours of bad movie time back, the same can be said for books. I can name several books off the top of my head that I read because I was “supposed to” that I wish I’d never looked at.


Why The Goodreads Challenge Is Part of My Problem

I’ve been filming YouTube videos about books (also known as BookTube) for three months now, and while doing so I’ve also been counting my Goodreads books. Last year my goal was 60, so instead of taking it easy and finding good books to read, I picked up random stuff to meet that goal. It was a dumb thing to do, and if I paused long enough I would have realized how silly it was. But instead, I was hell bent on getting to that 60 book goal.

Quality Over Quantity

This year I’ve decided that instead of trying to read 50, 60, or however many books, I’m only going to try and read the books I know I’ll get something out of. I’ve made my list based on recommendations from friends, family, and my own general perusing. Some of them might be total duds, but based on my experience already, I doubt it.
Some of the books I’ve chosen to read are:


How the Goodreads Challenge Might Help, Or Hurt, You

I have a friend who wants to read more, so she’s set her goal at 50. For me, I want to read fewer, but better books. I’ve set mine at 10.
Are you someone who’s always tried to reach her Goodread’s challenge goal? Has it helped, or hurt your reading life? Let me know in the comments below!

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