Earlier this week I talked about Minimalism, and why it’s a mentality I’d like to embrace. Today I’m going to write about my favorite part of minimalism, the Minimalist Wardrobe.
Minimalism, which I’ve already written about, is about choosing to own and consume less so that we can enjoy what God’s given us already. It’s a good mentality to practice contentment, which is also an important aspect of battling depression and anxiety. The Minimalist Wardrobe is one way to apply this mentality to my one of favorite hobbies: personal style. 

What is the Minimalist Wardrobe? 

According to Pinterest, the Minimalist Wardrobe is a cool and chic way to dress like a Frenchwoman. In reality, it’s just another tool to organize yourself.
The Minimalist wardrobe is a wardrobe of well-made clothing made of 20-40 pieces that can be mixed and matched throughout the year, thus eliminating the need to buy a bunch of new clothes all the time. The number of pieces in your wardrobe is arbitrary, but the idea behind the number is to keep your clothing to a minimum.

Why the Minimalist Wardrobe?

It Saves TimeIf you’re like me, then you’re familiar with the feeling of standing in front of your closet, thinking that you have nothing to wear. While the Minimalist Wardrobe isn’t going to magically make your discontentment go away, it will remove the excuse.
A well put together Minimalist Wardrobe means that you will always have something to wear, and it will all look good together. That definitely makes getting ready in the morning way easier.
It Saves SpaceOnce I was able to pack an entire month’s worth of clothing in a carry-on suitcase. Yes, I am a total boss for doing that. But I wouldn’t have been able to do that if I wasn’t already practicing the Minimalist Wardrobe guidelines. As it was, I knew everything in my suitcase would match, and the different outfits I could put together from it. That, my friends, is a space-saving WIN.
It Saves Money– There’s absolutely nothing wrong with window shopping or browsing. That’s one of the ways you can figure out what styles look good on you!
The problem arises when your entire closet is composed of random pieces you bought over the years that you never wear anymore. It starts off simple, of course. You buy one thing, but it won’t match anything else you have, so you buy something else to match that. It goes on and on until you’ve got a closet full of stuff you’ve only worn a handful of times.
Not only is that a huge waste of space, it’s a huge waste of MONEY. It doesn’t matter if you got that shirt for $2 or $20 if you’re only going to wear it a few times then what’s the point?
Knowing that what you’re buying is not only well made (thus lasting longer) but that you’ll actually wear it, that’s what saves money in the long run.


How to Start a Minimalist Wardrobe?

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to be publishing a series of blog articles that go in-depth for creating a Minimalist Wardrobe. But, because this is me, I’m going to be writing about it from the Christian perspective.
I’ll be talking about
  • Why Christians should care about fashion in the first place
  • How and why your identity in Christ affects your wardrobe
  • Tips for determining your style
  • How to organize your closet to get the most out of it.
For the record, I’ll be going through the same process as I write about it. This way you’ll be able to see first hand how I navigate these waters.
To follow along, you can follow me and The Protagonist Life on Facebook, Instagram, or sign up for my mailing list.

Have You Already Tried the Minimalist Wardrobe?

What were your successes? How about struggles? Let me know in the comments below, I LOVE talking about this stuff!

Elizabeth lives with her husband and cat in a cozy apartment that is a bit too full of books and Legos. She loves writing, reading, cooking, and would probably die for a good beer and a slab of cheese. Maybe.

2 Replies to “The Value of a Minimalist Wardrobe

  1. When minimalism became a trend, I was all like, “huh, that’s nice, but it sounds so boring.” And then Grad School started, and BOOM! I become a believer! When so much of your wardrobe matches, it saves so much time and anxiety in your morning routine.

    Also, I have to admit that this practice has basically just turned into my wardrobe being black EVERYTHING, and I’m okay with that 🙂

    1. Girl, yes, I am with you on the black wardrobe. It’s the cheapest and easiest way to look put together! It also helps me that I don’t have to worry about little white dog hairs from my parent’s house anymore… XD

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