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A Call to Action

Most good stories begin with a Call to Action. These can be wizards knocking on our door, or a kidnapped princess pleading for help.

As Christians, God gives us a Call to Action: “Follow Me if you want to live,” (If you read that in a Schwarzenegger accent, I won’t hold it against you). If we respond to that Call to Action with a “YES,” then we can live out the best stories you’ve ever heard of. We can make friends and find our purpose. We’ll have stories to tell, and God will use those stories to give other people the same Call to Action.

Unfortunately, like all Protagonists, saying “yes” to the call can be easy. Everything after that is pretty muddy. Life, after all, lasts longer than a six-hour movie trilogy.

By Guess and By God

There’s an old sailor saying that goes “By Guess and by God.” This meant ships sailed safely home, less because of nautical rules and more by experience, memory, and some divine guidance. It’s a phrase that applies in many situations, from the stories of our favorite heroes to our own lives.

The goal of this blog, The Protagonist Life, is to share our experiences, our memories, and even some divine guidance so that we can finish our stories well. If you are someone who

  • Wants to go live an “adventure,” and needs help preparing
  • Wants to learn to be content no matter where you are, or what you’re doing
  • Wants to organize your wardrobe in a Christian way
  • Thinks deeply about the ideas behind books and pop culture

Then, by all means, stay awhile.

About Elizabeth

My name is Elizabeth, and I’ve been trying to answer that call to action for most of my life. God has taken me all over the United States, moved me overseas to Istanbul, and back to a place I never even thought of: West Virginia.

During my many adventures, I’ve formed opinions on many things and tried to keep Christian teachings at the center. I’ve written about fiction, fashion, minimalism, and self-help over the years, and now I want to bring it all together in one place.

Comments are Welcome!

I’ve never wanted The Protagonist Life to be an echo chamber. If you have thoughts you would like to add, and reasonable critiques, then please share them via the comment section or e-mail!

I am, however, not afraid to put the kibosh on hateful comments. If you want to espouse your sexist, racist, or just plain mean comments, you can go somewhere else. I have a zero-tolerance policy for a**holes.

P.S. You can find the terms and privacy policy here! 

Photo Credit goes to my fabulous husband, Justyn Miller, unless otherwise indicated.